configuration tool for delta printer


you need no horizontal offset parameter because the deffinition of "horizontal radius when centered", "printer radius" and so on.
But there is no "printer radius" parameter in the configuration tool and without that the transformation shouldn't be solved.
So I watched in the Configuration.h and the "PRINTER_RADIUS" was defined with the same value as "ROD_RADIUS" (horizontal radius when centered) and the "END_EFFECTOR_HORIZONTAL_OFFSET" is 0, that means all rods will be connected to one point.
(Or may the picture above be not correct)

I think this is a different kinematic case and causes position deviations. If all my assumptions are correct should I adjust the "END_EFFECTOR_HORIZONTAL_OFFSET" or the "PRINTER_RADIUS" manualy in the Configuration.h to get the right kinematics?

I realy like Repetier and don't want anything else, so hope for your reply and thanks in advance


  • In the original config there is some math to compute the horizontal radius when centered where a bigger radius subtracted slider and effector offset. In fact these offsets are not relevant in the math and never get used. Only the result. So in the config tool you directly enter the result meaning the distance labeled "horizontal radius when centered".
  • I couldn't believe it until reconstructed the steps calculations of the motors in the firmware, but you are right, sorry for the timepass but thanks for the reply
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