Can't slice double extruder

Hi nice people,
I have just finished assembling a Zonestar P802QR2 printer with double extruder. The printer runs regularly, also performs the test prints, provided by Zonestar, with two extruders. But I can not use the second extruder with my prints. The slicer refuses to use the second extruder.

I have configured Repetier-Host according to the instructions of Zonestar.

I have configured printer P802QR2:

(I do not use serial connection, SD only, but this seems to be necessary to put the information in Repetier-Host).

All set as per Zonestar's instructions.

Two extruders! "1" and "2" but they become "0" and "1" for the slicer.

(Print area is not that wide really, but I put what is recommended by Zonestar).

When it is time to slice, I can't get the printer. No "P802QR2" does exist for the configurator:

And if I load my STL still there is no "P802QR2", although there are two extruders listed, no matter how I try, I can't select the second extruder. The gcode is generated correctly but only for extruder "0".

I've been beating for a week without result, Zonestar does not help me and I can not find anything on the net. Can anyone please tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Many thanks in advance!


  • We have no predefined slicer profiles, so you need to make your own. You also need to tell slicers that you have 2 extruders (at least slic3r). For cura you can only use second extruder for support or if you have multiple stl files you can assign them different extruders in object placement. But you MUST user extruder 1 in one of the files. You can not only use extruder 2. We simply can't send the data that way. First stl is extruder 1 and second is extruder 2.
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