New to 3D Printing & having trouble with getting prints started


I'm new to 3D printing but was bought a CoLiDo1315 for christmas (running with Windows 10 and Print-RIte CoLiDo Repetier Host V1.5.5 and I'm physically connected to the 3D printer via a USB cable) . I can print the calibration bit (flat loops) fine - the extruder heats up immediately and off it goes.

But when I ask it to print anything else, even their test files, and gcode downloaded from online sites it just sits there doing nothing ! Im currently trying to print a broach, which I know will fit on my bed. I asked it to start 25 mins ago but its still just sat there. The extruder hasn't heated up and the print ETA hasn't changed.

How does the system work? - is it buffering the large file before it goes to the printer (327 lines), will it have timed out and not told me?

I'm struggling to understand why it can print the flat test loops but wont even attempt anything else for me?

The troubleshooting on CoLiDo's website is very limited as was the instruction book. so wondered if anyone can help advise



  • Are you sure you are trying to print a gcode file and not a STL ?
    normally when you download objects from places like thingyverse,you download a STL file which you need to slice into a Gcode file that the printer can use.I see you are using repetier host,this has slicers 'cura engine' and 'slic3r' built in.

  • First check model in print preview tab. You should see it there. Then when printing enable commands in log so you see what gets send. After your first print this shows nothing, so hard to say if it had send anything. If you enable ACK you even see if printer has read the command.

    Knowing what should be executed makes it easier to see where it hangs. Some commands take a while (like heating) but that is not visible here, so question is why firmware is not responding any more.
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