Autobedleveling only works when Arduino is Reset

Ive now figured out how to setup z-probing and outbed-leveling. When i fire up the arduino and run G28 + G32 P2 it does very well.
When i run a printjob everything is fine and z-axis is moving when printing so autobedleveling seems to work. When i then run a second printjob and rerun G28 and G32 P2 the z-axis is moving down and triggering the probe and then fails and i have to reset it with M999. I know that there is no need to run the G32 again but i want that because after powercycling the distance of the nozzle is different and i only want to print and not care about "did i powercycle? did i run G32?"
Can anybody help me? Do i need to reset anything before the G32?
Greets, Jan


  • No G32 does not need reset, but correct command to store result in eeprom is G32 S2 not P2. So your command would only store it in ram and not permanently.

    Are you using 1.0 or 0.92? 1.0 has many fixes but if it works after homing it should always do except your start bed distance is to small so that it is on the edge and after applying correction will not work any more.
  • Thank you Repetier for answering. I will try that out.. dont know where i found that P2-Command. Maybe some Tutorial. I will try out later. I think i have 0.92. Can i use same Config for 1.0 or do i have to adjust a lot?

  • If you used the config tool, the 1.0 config tool will upgrade the config and adding good defaults for new features (marked in orange). So upgrading is not difficult.
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