Prusa I3 different MELZI motherboards and compatibility

HY all,

I bought a Prusa I3 type printer that came with a zonestar board. An mcu output burned so I could not use my heatbed anymore.
That's when I decided to buy a new board. Without looking into details too much I found a '' PRO '' Melzi board that looked like the one I had. The main difference at first look was that the drivers could be replaced. But when I got the board I saw there were some changes regarding the hardware layout of the mcu pins. The original Melzi board has one extension port named EXT1 to connect to the LCD module 2004 5 Buttons. 

The board that I bought is a so called pro version board
However this board is different. They changed the EXT1 and EXT2 pinouts. Why they did that I do not know. Perhaps they wanted the attention. Now I'm having a difficult time making it work and searching for information. One thing I know I never going to buy a French motherboard again. The chinese have more cheap and perhaps build quality is not the same but at least they keep it compatible with all other hardware and do no act clever by changing pins so you are forced to buy their modules. '' Petit connards''

Anybody experience with this problem?  I would like to solve this situation myself with my hands so please do not suggest buying another board again or another lcd module because if you do after I said this than obviously you don't take yourself serious.

Thank you in advance.



  • If you knwo the pinout changes you can change the pin numbers in boards.txt or displayList.h if it is for display. But then I think the connector also does not work as it will expect certain functions on pins.

    So obviously you need to make a original - pro map with differences and see where to change them best.
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