V1 1.0 -- aaarrrggghhhh

So, I uploaded my 0.92 (or whatever the latest is) configuration.h to the website. The only thing I changed was the encoder speed from "Normal" to"Slow" as it was crazy fast. Selected "Download it all."

Copied the zip to my printer laptop (Ubuntu), uploaded with Arduino, all good. Then tried to access it with Host.

Arrgghh #1:
BAUD rate had been set back to 250000 and Ubuntu does not deal with that well at all. So, drive to a neighbor and borrow his win8.1 laptop. Changed the configuration.h to have BAUD 115200 and installed using Arduino,. Finally I could see it again with my Ubuntu laptop. I decided I was not going to whine here and would live with the inconvenience caused by the default BAUD even though I had supplied my configuration.h.

Arrgghh #2:
But now, using Host the EEPROM option is grayed out both on win8.1 and Ubuntu.

Arrgghh #3:
Checked printer LCD/Encoder "Settings" menu and saw BAUD 250000 (what a surprise). Clicked it and got an asterisk to the left but the encoder would not change. Is it supposed to? Why have an asterisk then?

Arrgghh #4:
Reinstalled v0.92 or whatever it was.

Arrgghh #5:
Drive to neighbor to return the win81.

Maybe 32-bit and  Smoothieware might be a worth a look. :)


  • You have many ways to change baud rate. On display go to baudrate push and change until you see your value. Push again and go to "Store to eeprom" to save it.

    Ot on upload change EEPROM_MODE value an dit will overwrite stored baud rate and everything else in eeprom. Might be the initial problem here.

    Host shows eeprom editor after it detected firmware from a M115 response.
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    >>You have many ways to change baud rate. On display go to baudrate push and change until you see your value. >>Push again and go to "Store to eeprom" to save it.

    As mentioned above, I tried that and all it did as toggle the "*" and ">" signs. Rotating the encoder changed nothing.

    >>Ot on upload change EEPROM_MODE value

    As mentioned above, I tried that and then had to drive to a neighbor for his win8.1 laptop. I had successfully uploaded the 1.0 with Ubuntu at 115200 with a changed config file with 115200 set as the BAUD. BUT, it seems after the new install, it reset itself to 250000 and ignored the config. The only option then was to drive and get the win8.1.

    >>Host shows eeprom editor after it detected firmware from a M115 response.

    How does that happen? I put 0.92 back on and the EEPROM stuff showed up right away.

    Look, I am not trying to hammer you, I am trying to help you iron out some serious deficiencies for Linux people. Or, aren't there enough of us to be bothered about?

    Why on Earth not have the thing ALWAYS default to a BAUD rate that is uniform across all common computer operating systems, 115200 or 230400 etc for **installation**?

    The 250000 is a bastardization of the BAUD system of doubling-up at each step. Something only m$oft programmers would think was a great idea. :)

    I can understand wanting to use higher BAUD for communication to the printer and then, by all means, use any silly number that feels good. But for uploading with Arduino, have a BAUD rate that anyone can use.
  • Actually, 250000 baud also works on all mac and current linux systems. On linux it is just harder to set requiring some low level operations that mono does not offer. So linux host has a program SetBaudrate to work around that problem. If you use Repetier-Server for communication (also on linux better then host for this) it would work. It is also not arbitrary but selected that it can be presented with timers and a cpu running 16MHz like arduino to have no clock skew and hence no communication errors (ok in theory) while 115200Hz has 2-3% deviation from correct timing. That is why many like it.

    Why your config can not change baud rate I can not really say. If I run it on my 1.0 version I get star, rotate changes value and press sets it so I can switch to store to eeprom.

    It sounds like your setup has some serious problems on 1.0. If it is a delta make sure you have at least 900 byte free ram or such strange things can happen. 1.0 requires a bit more ram so same buffer usage a son 0.92 will not work for deltas. You need to reduce subsegments per line a bit here.
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