Nozzles sounds like it is rubbing

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Ubuntu 16.04, Anycubic Linear Plus.

Hi All, I gave up on auto-leveling and printed a holder for a dial indicator, removed the hot-end and manually leveled the bed within 0.003" flat all over. Surprisingly it took about 1/50th of the time I have wasted searching and hacking at auto-level. DUH!!

So, I am printing the kossel test rings with spokes and sometimes when doing a fast traverse, it sounds like a series of very quick bumps as if it is tapping the top of the infill lines as ti scoots over them. Kinda a Bbbrrrrrpppp sound. :)

After some searching, when printing at 60mm/sec, I have tried setting Segments from 70 to 100 and also later at 200, but that doesn't seem to have made much difference.

Is there something I can tweak or am I hitting the 8-bit limitation for deltas?

Time to go kicking and screaming for a 32-bit board and Smoothieware? {groan} Just when I am getting a handle on Repetier Firmware and Host.


  • Might be slight over extrusion, have you calibrated the extruder ?
    Smoothieware....not sure on that.
    Repetier does run on 32bit boards like the arduino due etc
  • Thanks Martin,

    Yes, I had just finished calibrating the thing and also did the extruder, 103 was my magic number of steps for an exact 100mm of filament.

    The noise is only with rapids, where I would hope the extruder, if doing anything, is retracting. :)

    Just ordered a 32-bit board and reading the Smoothieware wiki and Docs.

  • Also, most slicers have an option to raise Z when a retraction occurs, so this would raise z a lil bit while doing your move.
  • Useful on deltas. Especially fast moves are small waves depednign on update frequency of segments. On 8 bit the limit is 170-200 updates per second.
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