getting error M999

After getting my motherboard repaired x and y axis were not working and being repaired by velleman under warranty, I am attempting to get my K8200 going again.  Before I could make all axises move if I plugged everything into the extruder or Z axis, so the wiring is OK. I could heat the extruder, but not the bed because the thermistor was broken.  I replaced the thermistor on the board and reinstalled the returned motherboard.
Now all I can do is make the fan come on.  I get an error message that says "Printer stopped to to errors.fix the errors and use M999 to restart temperature is reset, set it after restart"  WTF?  what is M999?  I can't find any reference to it. I had it all working before mechanically and now nothing.  I am getting the firmware conformation message.  
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