Anycubic Delta configuration files?

Does anyone have configuration.h and configuration_adv.h for an Anycubic Linear Plus (Delta) that they would like to share? Or can/will point me to a link for same.

I am new to Repetier Firmware and really like what I see of it, but the configuration is quite daunting.

The Anycubic Deltas are pretty common so surely someone has been down that road and could save me a lot of head scratching. I'd be happy to make a donation if the files work OK.

@Repetier: Have you thought of a file repository for some of the common printers? Deltas especially as they have so many weird things going on when coming from Cartesian printers.


  • did a quick google search, there is a lot of stuff out there.
  • Roko said:
    did a quick google search, there is a lot of stuff out there.
    Thanks, I did a long search before asking, but, there is very little, (so far only one) available for actual configuration.h file sharing.

    If you are seeing "a lot" then would you care to share your search terms?

    I was using things like this and defining within the last twelve months.
    repetier cofiguration.h for anycubic linear plus

    Thank you.

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    The configuration files (configuration.h and configuration_adv.h), you are looking for are used for the Marlin firmware.
    Repetier has just configuration.h. That is what I thought you were looking for as a reference to make your own configuration. 
    This Thingiverse link: ;  is for Marlin.
    This google drive link: deals with assembly and firmware and the Manual..

    Did a google search using "AnyCubic Linear Plus repetier firmware" and got some hits.

    This looks promising:

    I misunderstood what you were looking for.
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