Clicking any Z option, all of them go to Z = 0

Hi, latest Repetier Firmware and Host, Anycubic Linear Plus -- win8.1. With Host, I Home and all good. When I click anything in the "Z" up down thing "-0.01", -0.1, -1..." it goes to Z zero for them all. If I use the encoder and LCD I can go down in steps just fine. Where am I going wrong?


  • OYu have not set z homing position correct in printer settings. I think you have set it to 0 while homing to max. SO up 0.1 hoes to Z=0.1 which is form max home position way down.
  • Thanks, but nope, the "Printer Shape" page shows X=0, Y=0, Z=291.86. It seems somewhat random. I do not change any settings but sometimes when it starts up it does the steps, sometimes it doesn't. I never know and have to be ready with the Reset button as I do not trust it to stop at zero when it takes off like that. A few days back it had cleared everything when I started the next morning. The only thing that remained was the name of the printer. It had reverted to "Classic Printer" but with the former Rostock settings (radius etc) still visible. I have since entered my A6 settings back in and now it is happy with both the Rostock and A6 -- so far.
  • If not check after homing with M114 what firmware thinks where it is and compare with coordinates shown in host.
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