Change BAUD?

I could not upload Repetier Firmware with Ubuntu (see earlier post) so I got the neighbor's laptop with win8.1 and have installed the latest Firmware and Host downloads. All good. Works fine at 250000 BAUD on Anycubic Linear Plus. In Arduino 1.18.5, I opened configuation.h and changed the BAUD rate in two places, Bluetooth and Misc. settings to 115200 the speed that I know my Ubuntu can connect to the printer (Marlin etc). Pulled the USB, turned printer off and then on, but it still will only show in the Arduino console at 250000. Seems like that configuration change is being ignored. Am I missing something here?


  • Yes, you miss that baud rate is stored in eeprom. In host connect and open eeprom editor. Set baud rate near top and hit ok. On next reset you will require new baud rate then in host.
  • OK, thanks but I did the brute force thing with windows and set it to 115200. I am not yet used to haivng the EEPROM contents available. Great idea, thanks.
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