I cannot choose the installation language


I have Win Vista Finnish OS. However, I'd like to install Repetier in English. The Repetier installation file seems to be multi-language. But these's no option for choosing language, the program will be installed in Finnish. That's a big con as I can't f.ex. use correct terminology when asking for (international) help or advises. In addition to that, the program is not 100% but 90% translated, there's 10% English still there (In Slic3r there's 30% English...). Plus numerous typos...
First of all, I'd like to know how to change language.
Secondly (to R-H coders), please make improvement to next version so that user can choose installation language.


  • In Repetier-Host you can set your language here:


    The program is continually being developed, meaning that new texts are added. The translations are mostly coming from users.  When they send us no new translations, the new texts remain English.
  • Sorry... (feel myself a bit embarrassed..)
    That wasn't very complicated...

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