How to add 5-th temperature-dependent (PWM) fan?

Liebe Kollegen, 
with your previous help I was able to use 4 fans + 3 temp sensors: 
1/ Extruder temp sensor + extruder fan. (in firmware configured as extr0 sensor and extr0 fan)
2/ Heate bed temp sensor. (in firmware configured as bed temp sensor).
3/ Thermal enclosure temp sensor  (in firmware configured as extr1 temp sensor, just to read its values on LCD).
4/ Enclosure fan, not to overheat the enclosure (in firmware configured as thermo coupled fan). 
5/ Board fan (configured as board fan). 
6/ Print cooling fan (conf as print cooling fan).

And now I need one more temp sensor and fan to cool down (with external air) extruder MOTOR (not heat barrier) which gets overheated in thermal enclosure.
My possible solution is like this. Connect thermistor to analog pin (there are no more free sockets for temp sensors left on my board). As you taught me before configure another virtual extruder2. Set its temp sensor pin to this analog pin. Than set in the firmware the extruder2 fan pin (any digital) for the extruder motor fan. But this is an "on/off" solution. Because fan will be turned fully on after certain temperature. I can live with that. But I wonder if there is any better solution (with PWM control).
Thank you. 


  • At least dev version supports 2 filament cooling fans while slicers only allow one. SO using that gives you a pwm controlled fan you can set with M106 P1 Sxx. There is no more thermo controlled loop left to couple this. You could use a extra extruder with cooling fan so fan would turn when 50°C is reached (or you lower that for all extruders).

    For extra temp. sensor you need a thermocouple with chip returning analog value connected to adc pin. Or use thermistor and add a voltage divider to that pin like the other thermistor pins using a 4.7k resistor. 
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