Feedrate for filament change.


It is possible to add new feature "feedrate" into filament change settings in fw? (M600)

I need this:
Separately setting for "in" feedrate when I roll with button (rotary encoder). Out (retract) is good, because faster = better ;-)

When I change filament color, i need wipe nozzle with new color (cca 10-15cm extrudet filament). With actual setting i must roll with button very slowly (cca one step by 2-3sec), because "default" feedrate is too fast and extruder drive gear skipping.

I hope with understanding with my request.

Sorry for my poor english ;-)

With best regards HynX.


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  • RETRACTION_SPEED and RETRACTION_UNDO_SPEED already can be set independently. Uses same speeds as G10/G11 so values are taken from these settings.

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    I changed booth values (RETRACTION_SPEED and RETRACTION_UNDO_SPEED), but dont have any effect for M600 command :-( 
    For my reason is best way to use "UI_SET_EXTRUDER_FEEDRATE" for M600 (change filament via lcd).
    I have Arduino DUE with RADDS, Firmware 1.0.2.
  • See ui.cpp


        case UI_ACTION_WIZARD_FILAMENTCHANGE: // filament change is finished






    You see it calls retractDistance

    void Extruder::retractDistance(float dist, bool extraLength) {

        float oldFeedrate = Printer::feedrate;

        int32_t distance = static_cast<int32_t>(dist * stepsPerMM / Printer::extrusionFactor);

        int32_t oldEPos = Printer::currentPositionSteps[E_AXIS];


    and it uses these 2 speeds stored in eeprom depending on the direction.

    We are not going to change V1 any more, only bug fixes until V2 is ready. V2 will get many things reimplemented in a hopefully better way, but in any case easier to modify. But so far the set speeds were no problem. Both speeds can be set fairly high also undo would be lower. In V2 I think there will be a better replacement routine when finished with a long retract for bowden to make that easier.
  • I am sorry, my wrong. I forgot change eeprom usage in config tool. It works perfectly. Thank You very much ;)
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