Enable Heated Bed (Marlin?)

Hi, I have an Anycubic-Linear-Plus (ALP) running Marlin 1.1.4 and have the bed temp set to 0 as I normally only print PLA. In the Printer setup I have "Default Heated Bed Temp" still at "55" In the Manual Control, of a cold morning I like to warm up the bed so I manually set it to 35 and click the "heater" icon. On my A6 this works fine, but with the ALP the red bar goes away and the icon turns gray and a minute later the ALP halts with a Heating error. I have checked through Marlin and the only thing I could find was "PIDBEDTEMP" undefined so activated that, but still no bed warming. Is this something in Repetier or is Marlin not allowing the bed heating for the ALP? What do I need to change so I can warm the bed these brisk mornings? Thanks


  • I think it is marlin. Host just sends M140 S35 and firmware is responsible for heating from there on. Especially if M105 returns a set bed temperature this would indicate marlin had understood.
  • OK, thanks.
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