Move UP 40mm before homing

Hello, I have a prototype of ABL sensor it works well with Marlin Firmware but I would like to have Repetier much more. My sensor required to be min 40mm over table surface durring moving to min Endstops X and Y axis. How to setup additional move UP when G28 has been sent. Exactly this move need to be made first before move X Y and Z.


  • WIth z probe homing use one f the preheat homing variants to set probing position to possible position.
     You need also to activate pre raise (requires dev version)

    #define ZHOME_PRE_RAISE 1


    Please note that printer does naturally not know z before homing so it will always go up 40mm. Means you should limit z to zmax-40 so this is always possible or be careful if you had a higher print to lower first before disabling printer.

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    Thank you very much I didn't know how this is called in repetier. It willmake my day. And this is explaining why I did not find any thing what seams to be similar becouse is in dev ver.
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