nozzle tracking display during printing

when i first started using repetier-host, i could watch the filament placement during printing while in the "Print Preview" mode. i'm not sure why, but i can no longer watch. i'm not sure it's necessarily of any diagnostic value but it did give me a rough visual idea of where i was during the printing. did i change something i didn't understand or is it no longer available in ver 2.0.5?


  • You have disabled filament visualization in toolbar at the top.
  • Repetier, thank you for your replyl

    there are four choices under visualization. "show travel moves", "show complete code", show single layer" and "show layer range". i've had a check in 'travel moves' and 'single layer' buttons but i still don't see the position of the "placed" filament displayed during the printing process. am i not understanding where you mean and what to check??
  • I mean the Eye icon in th emain window toolbar named filament. Blue = show, grey = don't show.
  • found the criteria you were talking about in config/preferences/3d visualization/filament/visualization!! never found an eye icon but making changes to the visualization is getting me what i was after. thanks for the hint that got me looking for things to change.
  • 4th icon from left in main window toolbar. The one where Filament is written below!
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