Need to slowly heat up the bed not to break the glass - is it possible?

Hi, all. 
I am going to install the silicone heater pad 220v 200w on my prusa 200x200 mm bed. It will be powered via SSR. I am going to use dead time control. But am afraid that it will heat up way too quick and the glass on the bed will break. Is it possible to set up the speed of heating in the firmware? I need a compromise: not as slow as the original 12v heater but not as quick as the 220v silicone heater pad is capable if turned on 100% at the beginning of heating. 
If such a set up is not possible which workaround would you consider?
Thank you. 


  • You can limit max. PWM - what also limits max. temperature but should also be the power used on initial heating. Check bed output in host/server to be sure it does not go to 100%. Does of course mean that SSR gets switched constantly and not only sometimes to correct. In all other cases it will heat 100% till target region.
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