ui.cpp errors when verifying code in Arduino Ide

edited February 2015 in Repetier-Firmware
I am getting the following compile errors when I verify the code in Arduino IDE. 
Using firmware configuration tool 0.92.2. 

ui.cpp: In member function ‘bool UIDisplay::nextPreviousAction(int16_t, bool)’:
ui.cpp:2600:75: error: ‘num’ was not declared in this scope
ui.cpp:2258:82: note: in definition of macro ‘INCREMENT_MIN_MAX’
 #define INCREMENT_MIN_MAX(a,steps,_min,_max) if ( (increment<0) && (_min>=0) && (a<_min-increment*steps) ) {a=_min;} else { a+=increment*steps; if(a<_min) a=_min; else if(a>_max) a=_max;};

Thanks in Advance. 
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