Multiple Extruder Bug

Hi, sorry for my bad english...
I have setting my printer width 4 extruder. When i create a object width extruder 2 & 4 and slicer (cura or Slic3r) gcode use T0 & T1. Why?


  • Not sure if slic3r supports 4 extruders at all. I only see 3 if it ha snot changed since my last check.

    CuraEngine can handle up to 16 but you need to use them from 0 onwards. Gaps are not handled as I'd like. Perhaps in a later verison I can add a fix for this, when I understand how CuraEngine does it.

    Never tested this with slic3r, but it may be a similar constraint that it can not used extruder number higher then number of models.
  • It Slic3r also supports more than 4 extruder, if you use all 4 are then used in the right order, but if you use 1 or 2 or 3 repetier always uses from 0 onwards. 
    If I do it directly from SLic3r and then import the gcode used in repetier see the right extruder. I think it's a problem of commands that are sent to slic3r. 
    I did a test with CURE (used Extruder 2 and 4), in the gcode I have the settings of the temperature of the extruder right, but then they are always used T0 and T1 ...
  • I'm also experiencing some dual extruder issues. For some reason the selected extruder under the "Manual Control" tab seems to impact which extruder is being used.

    For single extruder prints the selected extruder will be the one that is used regardless of what extruder is selected in the "Object Placement" tab.

    For dual extruder prints selecting extruder 2 under "Manual Control" will swap extruders for the print. Took me hours to figure out why the extruders where mixed up. Turned out that this was the issue. 

    I'm using slic3r and repetier host under Linux.
  • That can happen if you have no T0 in your start g-code. Especially for single extruder prints slicers tend to add no extruder selector using the currently active one. CuraEngine even does not do it for 2 exruder prints, so it is a good idea to add T0 in start code for a defined start.
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    Slic3r 1.2.9 has support for multiple extruders. Can this be implemented now?

    Even if I define 6 extruders in Printer Settings and six in Slic3r, the Slicing page still shows 3 extruders.
  • Yes, we plan this for the near future.
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