Dynamically setting delta calibration parameters

Is there any command to dynamically set or change the delta calibration parameters (DELTA_?_ENDSTOP_OFFSET_STEPS, etc.)? Having to recompile/upload the firmware every time I tweak one of the parameters is awfully time consuming and tedious.


  • Just go into the eeprom editor in our host/server and change the values. Endstop offsets are calibrated with commands as described in our calibration tutorial, all other values are normally set in eeprom to calibrate.
  • Okay, pardon my ignorance, but where is the EEPROM editor in Rep-Host, and can you give me a link to your calibration tutorial. I have found several calibration tutorials, but I'm not sure which is the official repetier one.
  • Forget the first part of that last message. I found the EEPROM editor. But, I'd still like to know where the official delta calibration tutorial is, please.
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