Move buttons send absolute coordinates

When I press the Repetier Server web interface button to move the X axis 10mm in the positive, Repetier Server sends the command:
N90 G1 X10.00 F300000

That sends the extruder to exactly X10. Further button presses send the same command. If the Extruder is already at X10, it doesn't move. I expect these buttons to send relative motion commands. I expect each button press of +X10 to move the X axis 10mm to the right.

 This behaviour was correct once. I don't know what could have changed. How I can get the correct behaviour from this button? All axes, including E, observe this behavior. When I extrude 10mm, it sets the position of E to 10 and I can't extrude more with another button press of E+10. I see the position with M114.

 The desired behaviour is observed with Printerface/Printrun over USB with my Macbook. I don't think this is a printer problem.


  • Ok teste dit on 0.86.2 version

    13:24:08.088: N16 G28 X0
    13:24:09.526: X:0.00 Y:0.00 Z:0.000 E:0.0000
    13:24:09.899: N17 G28 Y0
    13:24:10.301: N18 M117 IP:
    13:24:10.673: X:0.00 Y:245.00 Z:0.000 E:0.0000
    13:24:18.204: N19 G1 X10.00 F6000
    13:24:20.004: N20 G1 X20.00 F6000
    13:24:21.636: N21 G1 X30.00 F6000
    13:24:22.861: N22 G1 X40.00 F6000
    13:24:23.788: N23 G1 X50.00 F6000
    13:24:24.967: N24 G1 X60.00 F6000
    13:24:26.317: N25 G1 X50.00 F6000

    As you see server sends absolute coordinates and increments them as required.

    If I set printer to relative coordinates it just always sends 10, but head moves:

    13:27:14.097: N39 G28 X0
    13:27:16.888: X:0.00 Y:245.00 Z:0.000 E:0.0000
    13:27:17.251: N40 G91
    13:27:19.976: N41 G1 X10.00 F6000
    13:27:20.676: N42 G1 X10.00 F6000
    13:27:21.262: N43 G1 X10.00 F6000
    13:27:21.821: N44 G1 X10.00 F6000

    So if server always sends X10 it thinks printer is in relative mode while it is in absolute mode. Please try sending G90 to convince it that it is in absolute mode. Question is of course still why would server think that. Did you switch outside server so he did not know?
  • Ah, I do switch to an relative mode at the end of every print to move the Z axis up a bit. I didn't think that would stick and how the commands from Repetier would interact. I will try G90 to troubleshoot and include G90 at the end of my end.gcode
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