MKS TFT32 to Repetier

I have a MKS TFT32 display connected to a MKS GEN v1.4 board inside a CTC printer.
A Wi-Fi modual .esp-12s, is plugged into the TFT32.

Try as I might I cannot get the printer to connect to Repetier.
I have Repetier Server install, but that's just confused me more.

Is it possible to connect or am I wasting my grey matter...


  • How did you connect the display? Isn't that using also a serial connection to firmware?

    Dev firmware can connect to 2 serial ports in parallel, 0.92 can not do that without getting confused by 2 connections using it. You need to configure then 2 serials of course. Serial 0 is usb port which you use for pc connection. Of couse in windows you need to install serial driver for board and use right port/baud rate but it is possible I think.
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