Y coordinates out of range

Have installed Repetier Host into a new empty folder on Windows 10 machine.
Repetier Host V2.05, classic printer, Y Max = 200, not connected to printer
Slice with CuraEngine, generated g-code file Y coordinates are greater than Y max.
Example: "G1 X123.200 Y293.200 E3.88146"
Y cannot be greater than 200 but it is.
Cannot make this problem go away by changing any settings.
Please help.


  • So what is happening? Is the generated ouput not where you placed it or is it already initialy greater then your bed?

    In host view check for the big dot on the bed. That is your origin and every line are 10mm. That way you can see if your settings are correct regarding bed position. Bed front should be 0 to start at ymin.
  • The actual bed front for this printer is 200. I changed the value to 0 and then the Y coordinates are within range. But why is bed front used for calculation of Y coordinates instead of Y min?
  • Some printers can move outside the bed. So we need to know where bed starts and that is bed front from y min and that bed depth. Front of bed is y min or printer is configured wrong.
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