Compile issue 140215 13:15 GMT

Just downloaded latest firmware to give auto level a go again.

But getting compile issues, the website version of the firmware is this linked to dev firmware or stable? as i seem to have compile issues whenever i try to update on a saturday.

Compile Error

`num` was not declared in this scope
ui.cpp: In member function 'bool UIDisplay::nextPreviousAction(int16_t, bool)':
ui.cpp:2599: error: 'num' was not declared in this scope


  • I've experienced this.
    But this was when I uploaded latest Arduino 1.6.1 (or .2 or .3 will probably apply?)
    If you have done this, the Repetier Firmware file you saved using RF 0.91 may not compile properly
    You need to compile your Repetier Firmware using the latest 0.92.3 - then compile the sketch in the latest Arduino (I'm using 1.6.2 - I'm sure the latest 1.6.3 will also work ok

    Hope this proves helpful to you or others

  • Latest version has this as line 2599

    Extruder::setTemperatureForExtruder(tmp, action - UI_ACTION_EXTRUDER0_TEMP);

    no num here, so not sure what you tried to compile. Latest versioni swork092 tree or 0.92.3 in online config tool.
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