RADDS and DRV8825

I changed my RADDS/DUE from my Delta to my UM2 clone. In the Delta this combo worked like a charme.
Changed repetier software, set delay for the stepper_high, selected reset order Z, X, Y but now only X is reset and after that y. The Z ax is never activated. I changed the Z stepper but no result, M119  X-min, Y-max, Z-max, showed all switches working. I am kind of lost here, anyone any idea please
Couldnt get my config in here :o
Best regards


  • If an axis is not activated check homing direction. You want z ma xhoming from endstops and if it is set to z min it will do nothing due to missing endstop for z min.
  • thnx I will check that!
  • I changed endstops to normal closed (read the manual!) and max homing. Everything works fine.
    Thanks for the info and this beautiful software Repetier.
    I am very happy with it! I swapped a few Marlin users over to Repetier :p
    Thank you for the afford.

    Best regards

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