Does changed made with M206 are assumed during print?


with the return of the usage of the linear advance algorithm (in MK2's fw) I decided to give this a try again in Repetier.
So question is, can I change the L term during a print?

I have added gcode such as "M206 T2 P246 X40"

Btw this is for a RADDS Due controller.



  • Yes, that should work. Writing to eeprom will force a reload of all variables to ram. But these things should be used with care - you will not write too much to eeprom to it lives longer, also radds eeprom survives a million writes, so much better then avr. But it can have strange effects if such parameters change during print. Changing resolution surely ruins the print.  Your example may cause a adjustment to new L of extruder, so nothing big, but adjusting L at the start of a print is no problem to adjust to filament type.
  • Perfect. Thanks for confirming it.
    That's the intended use. The change during print is just to test/adjust the setting to the filament and as soon as it's done I'll add it as a single line to the start script gcode.

    For a parameter like this wouldn't it make sense to have an option to have it also temporarely in flash? Similar to other params like relative/absolute movement that only lives while the controller is on. This way it would prevent the usage of eeprom writting cycles.
  • Yes it makes and here it is

    - M233 X<AdvanceK> Y<AdvanceL> - Set temporary advance K-value to X and linear term advanceL to Y

    See repetier.ino file for full list of gcodes supported. And before you ask, this sets advance for active extruder only.

  • Great thanks.
    Want a pull request to update the wiki?
    I use it as a supported gcode guide. Maybe more are missing from it.
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