Maybe a stupid question but when @execute is used will it wait for the task to finish or just send the request and continue?



  • If you talk about repetier-server it will not wait. The process is started in background. It might take some ms to come back but it will not wait for script to finish.
  • Thanks,
    I want to be able to turn my printer on at the start of a gcode file completely unattended . I can switch it on no issues but i need the gcode to wait for it to start. it sends the code to heat the bed before the radds board has started so then it just waits for it to heat,when its not heating.
    i was looking at wait for pin M226 and using say max Z pin and a relay but not sure if this would work?

  • I guess it would work, but you know if power gets on normally so just adding a G4 to delay until power full yon would also suffice I think. Or you enable power on the firmware side directly - after all we have the PS_ON_PIN to control power via gcode already. So no pi special things are required for that power.
  • i was being stupid, what was happening was my radds control was getting powered from the usb when i turned on the 24V the radds drooped the link to the server and the gcode file went from active to in the waiting que. i just added @autostart_next_job and now the server sees no running job and starts whats in the que. works a treat. 
    thanks for the response it made me look at the problem in a different way.
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