Problem with ABS plastic printing.


I don't have problems with PLA plastic. I made configuration for it. Fillament: Extruder temperature of first layer - 225, other layers - 220.
For ABS plastic I made different configuration: Extruder temperature of first layer - 245, other layers - 235. Becouse when I printed ABS plastic with PLA configuration, it wasn't enought hot for contact every layer with other.
Hotend make temterature 245 (extruder) and 235 (no problem with hotend, I see temperature in buttom status line of app), but then ... I don't know why, cooler swith on and temperature down to 215-220. And it's not enought hot for ABS. I tryed to stop cooler manualy in "management" (next after Preview tab), but it started autimatically in a few seconds again :( Tell me, please, how can I decide this problem?
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