I have been trying to enable the eeprom for some time now with no success.
Background :-

Sunhockey 2015 prusa i3 printer. windows 10 PC. 73 years old and so no training on computers.

 Not knowing how to find the config file used by the printer I have searched the C: drive and opened all the configuration.h files found. I have then changed all from
"//#define eeprom settings" and "//#define eeprom chitchat" to "#define eeprom settings" and "#define eeprom chitchat" deleting the two slashes.

When I start the printer and press config “firmware eeprom configuration” it is still greyed out. 

Any help would be appreciated


  • If the firmware came allready installed on your printer then you may not have the config.h file, you would have to ask the vendor to supply there un-compiled firmware so you can then enable eeprom in the config.h and then re-compile and upload to your printer control board.
    The other option is to bite the bullet and download probably either the latest repetier firmware or dare i say it, latest marlin firmware and go thru all the settings and then compile/upload.
  • Hi Martin
    I have been using the printer since 2015 successfully but when calibrating for instance the Esteps are set at 80.5 and should be 96. I have been changing it by the lcd screen each time I switch on. I believe I can avoid this if I change the eeprom.

    I have probably 6 copies of the configuration file on my PC, can I use these to upload to the printer, if so how?

  • You also need the rest of the firmware of course and Arduino IDE to compile and upload the firmware.

    Do this only if you know the config file is really for your printer or it will be worse then before if all the settings are wrong!
  • I will see if I can get the un-compiled firmware from Sunhokey.
  • Hi
    Sunhokey have sent me -
    1 arduino 1.6.6     RAR File
    2 Configuration     H File
    3 Steps for flashing the main board.    File folder
    4 Marlin    File Folder
    What do I do with these?
    (I would have attached them so you can see but I can't find any way of attaching them.)
  • You should google compile/configure marlin firmware. These files are what you need and marlin is the firmware they used on your printer. So with these files you can recompile firmware and change settings. But Marlin is not topic of this forum as this is a product not written by us.
  • Thanks for that.
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