Dual Print Cooling Fans

Hey guys,
I'am using the Radds 1.5 Board for my Dual Extrusion 3d Printer.

Is it possible to configurate two Print Cooling Fans so if i use nozzle 1 the first cooling fan is used and if i use nozzle 2 the second cooling fan is used?

i looked in the Repetier configuration but cant find such an option for dual extrusion :)

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  • In theory this is possible. You can have 2 fans and in M106 use P0 or P1 to define which one you change. Problem is that the slicers normally do not add this so all would only use fan 1 which is the default one if Px is missing.
  • so its a problem of the slicer? 
  • At least you should check if your slicer supports multiple fans or not or you can not generate the gcode.

    Normal solution is that all filament cooling fans turn on. If you always want fan 100% you could do so in slicer extruder switch code, but normally you want first layer with fan of.

    Maybe the planned structure on firmware 2.0 will allow that the signal switches with the active extruder.
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