Just saying Hi

I downloaded Repetier-Host after donating £10.00 as I thought it was a great piece of software.

Now looking to start using it with my Creality CR10, but not to clear where to begin.

Any help here would be greatly received

Thanks a lot.



  • Yes it would, why didn't I think of that.

    It could be that I already have a design, but wanted to change it slightly to fit in with a design

    for a "Pan & tilt" CCTV camera situated in my garden giving a view of the back and side garden of my bungalow (I live on a corner) and front gate.

    Its a simple print for a beginner showing me how everything works and I get to complete another project  that's been dormant for some time because I couldn't find the parts.

    I wanted to enlarge the centre hole in the smaller cog to fit this Colette   

    into it, to drive the Pan and another to drive the Tilt frames on the sides of the frames holding the camera. 
  • Ok, but what is the problem? You can only expect answers if you have a clearly defined question.
  • How do I enlarge the centre holes of the 2 cogs when imported into Repetier

  • Model modifications have to be done in the cad software you used to create them and then reexport it is stl/obj/3mf. The files we import are only triangles so all informations about original shapes are lost and we are no 3d editor.
  • Ok thanks.
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