First multi-material print... questions

Ok.. I have finally gotten to the point where i am trying to print using all 3 extruders.
So far it seems to work (other than a minor offset issue to align the layers between the extruders).
My question is about the material change and the skirt.
For some reason, when i print 1 part with 1 extruder, i get a skirt that is 1 layer thick (as defined and expected). When I add the other 2 parts (for a total o 3 parts), they all print and they all use the correct extruder but, I get a skirt that is the entire height of all 3 parts (instead of just the one layer) and used the extruder that is defined for the skirt. The second issue that is related i think, it that the first part and skirt are printed with the same extruder, when the second and third extruders are used, after each layer the skirt is added to which disabled the heater on that extruder, heats up the skirt extruder, prints the skirt, then has to re-heat the part extruder, print a layer, re-heat the skirt extruder print the skirt and so on and so on...
So, how do i get the skirt to stop printing after every layer (which should also correct the stopping issue between layers that requires the print to wait for the heat to come back up in the part extruder)?

I hope this makes sense...


  • First this all depends on the slicer you are using. And it also sounds more like a ooze shield then a skirt - that would be used to protect from ooze if you have separate extruders so print look cleaner.
  • Ok.. that makes sense.
    I am using Slic3r..

  • yep.. that was it.
    There is an ooze prevention setting in slic3r, as soon as i uncheck that, it stopped printing the skirt all the way up..
    THANK YOU again.

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