forgotten password what to do?

I crated a new user and all was good. until the next day when I could not remember my password, and i am the only user created also the file   storagedirectory/database/user.sql  either does not exist or cannot be found. I cant find any info on this issue . I don't know what to do?


  • You need to delete it. Read the docs what storage directory means for your computer. Position differs between operating systems. First stop server in os, delete file and start again.
  • I have read the docs. I found all of this info in the so-called docs. this here
    Repetier said:
    If you have forgotten a user password, you can reset it if you have another user with configuration rights. As the last radical solution follow these steps:
    1. Stop Repetier-Server (see installation)
    2. Delete the file storagedirectory/database/user.sql
    3. Start Repetier-Server
          Although  it is quite lengthy i tried everything here for about 8 hrs  strait  and i tried every conceivable password
    I can think of with no luck  I am out of ideas!
    also did searches for this(database/user.sql)
    And there is nothing on my computer with these names

    I did a normal default install with default directories
    and i tried reinstalling the software several times

  • WOuld you have told the os I could tell you the place. Docs for windows installation e.g. say

    Data Storage

    By default the server stores all data in a global directory, which is normally located at C:\ProgramData\Repetier-Server\. This directory gets never deleted by updating or uninstalling the server to prevent data loss. If you want to backup your current state, just backup this directory.

    Linux is /var/lib/RepetierServer

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