No support in Repetier, only moves

Hi all,
I have problem a little bit similar like
G-code flavour I think is correct, RepRap (Marlin/Sprinter), G-code after slice look OK in slic3r, in green color. This generated G-code after opening in Repetier-Host look like without supports, only moves. What can be wrong?


  • I had the same problem with slic3r, not printing support but making the moves. Other object same settings the support was very difficult to remove. Although i prefer Slic3r for my prints, i switched over to Cura when i print with supports
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    If I chose Slic3r Prusa Edition, in Slic3r I see the same picture, as in normal Slic3r, and after exporting G-code and importing it to Repetier I see supports...
  • So your printer config for slic3r is just using wrong flavour as it seems.
  • What I must to use? Slic3r Prusa Edition has the same RepRap (Marlin/Sprinter), Cura also the same. They generate normal support, Slic3r V1.3.0-dev - not.
  • Have tested it with the 1.3dev we have bundled with Marlin/Sprinter flavour and I could see the support. SO please recheck and compare with prusa version where your differences are.
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