radds 1.5 display and board type

got the radds1.5 today to replace my Ramps 1.4 been faithful throughout the build :>) But need to install 3 hot ends so the radds should be an easy update reuse the drivers etc..

3 questions
Will the full discount display work on the radd Board?
the current choice of mother board is 33, what is the radds motherboard Type
if the full discount display does not work then what is the best display?


  • Radds has 402 - in config tool you need to select 32 bit first since radds uses the due arduino.

    The FDD will normally not work out of the box. sd card was for 5V systems and pins do not match.
    As a replacement you can use the official radds display which is similar and fits on the display port of the radds and the config tool has a display setting for this already.
  • ah OK cant use the mega, missed that :>)
    thanks for the help,

    Been searching the internet and their are pcb converters just none in the USA.
    if any one has one that is plug and play in the USA let me know rather use the full display then buy another one

    I am looking over the schematics of the ramps 1.4 the radds 1.5 and the full graphic display it is easy enough to
    to add a 5v to 3.3 radds does appear to  have a 5v source and some other minor parts just not certain it is cost effective if i wanted to make some PCB would have to make a lot of them to be cost effective. arrg

    i did see the spark lab display similar have to see how available that one is likely China
    thanks again recoush
  • The FDD display itself should be no problem if you connect right pins. Display port has 5V and a level shifter for the display inputs. Use the 3.3v pins for encoder so essentially same pinout as radds display. Main problem is sd card where I do not work how it would work since sd card needs 3.3v and due needs no level shifter while the FDD made for 5v boards has one for 5v->3.3v. Electronics is not my thing.

    Sparklab is a german company but parts come of course from everywhere. That graphic display is also supported, yes.
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