Reprapdisocunt lcd and z-babysteps increments

Hi. I used the z-babysteps feature from the lcd a lot to adjust my first layer. I can adjunst the z height in 0.01 increments.
I dont know what happened... cant say If I updated something in the formware or what, but today I wanted to adjust my z height... and every time I move the lcd dial, z height is modified in 0.04 increments!
Why is this happening?


  • You have set number of steps per babystep in your configuration. If you have changed that or z microstepping (z steps per mm) this could happen. Also if you have changed encoder granularity.
  • Ok, really cant remember changeing none of these values or where to find them. Only one I chage was the Z steps, I did it through repetier host. How can I get back to a more fine z-babysteps controll? like only incrementing 0.1 at a time?



    Multiplicatot tells what one babystep means in steps.

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