Loading filament when stopping print

When I press stop on a print, the extruder starts to turn at a high speed, grinding filament and extruding massive blob.
The speed at which it turns is approximately the speed at which it loads filament, as I have a bowden extruder.


  • Check your stop print script in host. Normally it is empty but if it moves extruder I guess you have some extruder gcode there. Often users forget that in print E can be a big number and coordinates given make no sense unless they add
    G92 E0
    befor ethe E move to have a defined position. 
  • This is what I have as my end script, it was working fine, until it stopped working at all.

    G1 X0 Y200 E-1 E7500
    G1 Z40 E-1 F300
    G92 E-6
  • As I posted it I realized the mistake, it should be F, not E. Thanks for making me realize :)
  • In deed. Forwarding to 7500 is a bit much :-)
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