G32 returns different Printer height than measured height

Hello, I physically measured my extruder to bed height using a ruler (163.07 mm). When I run a G32 command it returns 194.08 mm. Why? I'm currently setting up Z probe and just want to make sure I have the numbers right before I start.


  • Assuming you use repetier-firmware as this is firmware related, it will measure distances and also add z probe height to the measured distance (distance nozzle -bed when z probe triggers) and it subtracts bed coating. Also a wrong value for z steps per mm can lead to a wrong height. So please also test if moving z 100mm moves it 100mm or less. With such a big difference one of these must be set wrong.
  • This is my G32 result. I'm not sure what it is telling me. Does it seem right? My extruder height is 163.07 and G32 returns 163.340, should i change the Z height in the EEprom?
    Thanks, jim

    00:18:31.493 : N114 G32*28
    00:18:31.493 : Z correction disabled
    00:18:31.493 : Info:Autoleveling disabled
    00:18:33.435 : SelectExtruder:0

    00:18:33.435 : X:0.00 Y:0.00 Z:163.370 E:0.0000

    00:18:42.251 : Z-probe:11.37 X:-45.00 Y:-45.00
    00:18:46.968 : Z-probe:11.06 X:45.00 Y:-45.00
    00:18:51.744 : Z-probe:11.95 X:0.00 Y:45.00

    00:18:52.214 : plane: a = -0.0034 b = 0.0082 c = 11.5825
    00:18:52.214 : Transformation matrix: 0.999994 0.000000 0.003445 0.000028 0.999967 -0.008166 -0.003445 0.008166 0.999961

    00:18:52.224 : CurrentZ:12.10 atZ:12.13
    00:18:52.224 : Z after rotation:12.13

    00:18:52.224 : Printer height:163.34

    00:18:53.055 : Info:Autoleveling enabled
    00:18:53.055 : X:0.04 Y:44.90 Z:12.467 E:0.0000
    00:18:53.065 : Info:Autoleveling disabled
    00:18:59.314 : SelectExtruder:0
    00:18:59.321 : X:0.00 Y:0.00 Z:163.340 E:0.0000
    00:18:59.321 : Info:Autoleveling enabled
  • This result will put nozzle around 0.3mm deeper into the bed for z=0 but now also includes bed leveling results. So it might be good or 0.3 too much. You have to check best with a paper sheet where you end up at z=0. If it has too much force you need to change in eeprom so z height decreases after G32. In general it looks like suppoesed, but result can not be told remotely. So it is just a matter of finding right z probe height for eeprom to make it work exactly and repeatable.
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