Print button behavior

Hi, I searched the internet for this answer but couldn`t find anything solid. Is it possible to change the pause button`s behavior?

When I press 'pause' (Host) the print stops and only resumes after the second press. The thing is that I want it to lift a bit so it doesn`t melt the print. 

I`ve seen people on youtube have this kind of feature and I`d love to implement it too. I have some experience with programming, but a copy-paste code + how to is always welcomed. Thanks!


  • Sure that is no problem. Go to printer settings to scripts. There is one for pause and you can move extruder if you like.Enter e.g. G0 X0 Y0 F12000 to move if fast to origin. Maybe also retract extruder a bit before. Pause will remember last position and go back to that on continue regardless of where you move.
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