Setting Z-Axis on an A8 without Auto Leveling Repetier Firmware

Noob to 3D printing.  I'm running Repetier Firmware on a freshly built Anet A8.   I have no idea how to set the Z axis.  
I currently don't have an auto leveling sensor because the one set with my kit dosn't work because it is for 20 volts for some reason. I must be able to set the coordinates somehow but I really cant figure it out.  I've been trying for two days...  I somehow managed to get the z-axis set with other firmware but after resetting the printhead started gouging the board again.

How do I set the Z-axis?
How do I save it in eeprom?

Thanks in advance.


  • In response to my own question: The power supply was set to 220v instead of 120, therefore not powering the Auto-Level Sensor.  It's all good now....
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