255 checksum error

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This seems a bit odd, but anyway I seem to get a checksum error on communications.

Line number = 255 I get a checksum error.
Also if a command has 255 in it, I get a checksum error, for example enable a fan at 100%.

Repetier host firmware 92.9
Repetier-host V2.0.1

Adrunio Due with modified ramps(custom built for anet a8). Everything works as expected and this is the only thing giving me trouble, this error effects both my wifi and usb communications.

Edit: updated to repetier-host v2.0.5 still have the same problem.
Also noted that repetier server does not give me this problem. So it would appear to be related to repetier-host software.

Edit: Ok narrowed it down to "Repetier protocol"  ASCII protocol works......


  • The error comes from firmware not host side. Host only provide the checksum. But ok, the question is which side is computing the checksum differently. Server uses repetier-protocol which you said host will send wrong, strange. Will try to reproduce tomorrow.
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