Ghost lines? Not following gcode

Hey guys,
Let  me start off by saying I am extremely new to all of this. We bought a CNC plasma table on a whim and I know nothing of technology. After drawing our part, loading in Sheetcam to write the gcode, everything looks good until we open Repetier host and it does one of two things. It either:
a. does not attempt to cut and ignores our code, travels in a diagonal line and stops, or,
b. starts to cut the part, but gets to the first cut line, turns on, stays in the same place, and cuts off (safety feature).
I ran a simulation of the cut and it shows the machine running the entire code, however it is pausing for a full minute at each cut point. Is this a gcode error or a repetier problem? Or both? I'm so lost at this point. Any help is appreciated but please break it down Barney style.


  • *Wanted to add we've also attempted to cut files created by the table designer and the same thing happens, so I don't believe its an error with the file.
  • Maybe you should explain more why repetier-host is being used as cnc and especially what firmware you are using. Every firmware has a slightly different understanding how gcode should look like and since host is written for fdm printer gcode, that often deviates even more form what cam software produces. So also a short excerpt of the gcode might help here.
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