Manual Extruder Controll - Strange behaviour!

Hallo everyone,

i recognized some realy strange bahaviour with my manual extruder control in Repetier Host: The behaviour absolutely makes no sense to me, so I can just post what I do, what is sent as G-Code and what the machine does:

I press         - G-Code in Log -           Extruder does:
Extrude 1 (slow) - G1 E10 F180 - Extrudes 1mm
Extrude 1 (slow, again) - G1 E19 F180 - Ignored, nothing happens
Extrude 1 (slow, again) - G1 E19 F180 - Ignored, nothing happens again
Extrude 10 (slow) - G1 E28 F180 - Extrudes about 10mm
Extrude 10 (slow, again) - G1 E28 F180 - Ignored, nothing happens
Extrude 1 (slow) - G1 E19 F180 - Retratcts about 10mm
Retract 1 -  G1 E17 F180 - Extrudes about 2mm
Retract 1 (again) -  G1 E17 F180 - Ignored, nothing happens
Extrude 10 (slow) - G1 E28 F180 - Extrudes about 10 mm
Extrude 50 (slow) - G1 E68 F180 - Extrudes 40mm

Usually, when I press the same button twice or more often, it only reacts to the first code. But not always.

I have this behaviour only in Repetier Host, but I cant tell since when (bacause I don't use manual extruder controls very often). When I use the Repetier-Server-WebGUI-Controlls everything works fine, same with the controlls via my lcd. Also, when I am printing, everything is perfect.

My software chain:
Repetier Host (V2.0.2) via Repetier Server (0.85.2) to Repetier Firmware (0.92.9).

Maybe someone can halp me...
Thank you very much!



  • First, please update server to 0.86.2 or you might loose your printer configuration at some point. 0.82.2 fixed that problem.

    Regarding extrusion, please update to 2.0.5 where we already improved how we do it. Now we send something like this:

    09:34:33.471 : G92 E0
    09:34:33.471 : G1 E1 F120
    09:34:33.632 : X_OFFSET:0.000 Y_OFFSET:0.000 Z_OFFSET:0.000
    09:34:38.622 : G92 E0
    09:34:38.622 : G1 E1 F120
    09:34:39.100 : X_OFFSET:0.000 Y_OFFSET:0.000 Z_OFFSET:0.000
    09:34:45.237 : G92 E0
    09:34:45.237 : G1 E10 F120
    09:34:45.655 : X_OFFSET:0.000 Y_OFFSET:0.000 Z_OFFSET:0.000
    09:34:54.001 : G92 E0
    09:34:54.001 : G1 E10 F120

    So with the G92 E0 trick it works always as expected.

  • Hallo,

    thank you very much for your feedback. I will update both Server and Host and then see if it works.

    Edit: It does work! Perfect!

    On other thing I just recognized: The "Search for Updates" Function in Repetier Host (2.0.2) told me, that there is no newer version. So I thought, I was up-to-date already. May be a bug in the "Search for Updates" Function.

    Thank you very much!!

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