2 parts on top of each other

I try to print 2 parts on top of each other with 2 extruders. But when i place them and slice using slic3r Prusa Edition as Manager. 
I get a warning says "At least one object is outside the printable area" and when i chose to slice anyway.
I find the top part is sliced but starts from Z=zero. Not from the end of the bottom part !!!
How can I make top part related to bottom part to use multi-extruder ?



  • In object placement drag on the right side using the blue titles one on top of the other. Then they build a group and they get positiond exactly like designed by exporter. Then slicing should result in what you want.
  • I'm sorry i don't get it. 
    They both were designed in a different CAD files. both start at Z=0 in the CAD file. Now in Repetier I used 'Move Object' on the left side of the interface by changing X=0 ,Y=-9  and Z=30 to place the second one on the right position. 
    But when I go to 'Slicer' and slice. I get the error"At least one object is outside the printable area" and then i slice anyway which results slicing both BUT the second part starts from Z=0 not Z=30 !!!

    I also tried to group them through 'Settings' in the object information after placing the part in the right position, But when I group them, the second part goes back to Z=0 !!!
  • In that case it won't work. Slic3r will drop objects as you have seen so you need this grouping. Which requires that both parts are already positioned, so second one must have the right x,y,z offset in its file, so grouping them show them as intended.
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