X axis issue.

I have the Anet A8 printer using a replacement motherboard which opened with "Welcome to OMNI".

Using Cura 2.7  - I  have a print which is 205mm x 205mm - which should  not have problems with teh hotbed being 22mm x 220mm BUT.. with an 8mm brim - most of it on the left side of the hotplate drips over the edge - the model itseld just about gets its firs outer line on the bed. I need to move  the X axis about 5mm to the right.
I am advised that "OMNI" uses a clone of Repetier firmware - so hoping whatever works on the genuine FW, will work on its clone!  Can anybody  advise a gCode that will move the X axis over so everything sits on the hotplate?


  • Would require to move 0 to the left. So is that possible or would it hit the endstop? If you hit endstop that is a problem.
  • Thanks for your reply, although not sure what you mean...sorry. 
    To explain better, there is a test piece which  prints a to the four corners of the  hotbed. Therefore if the  printer firmware dictates centre and outer print area... there should be equal spaces outside t the square frame being printed. My A8 prints this test and the left side overhangs the hotbed and on the right side there is about 15mm to the right of what is being printed. There is no brim or skirt being used.   I have no idea  how to  check and or modify the firmware and I was  hoping  some G Code could be added to the Cura 2.7. Start Code that would  shift the print area over by - say 7 mm.  
  • Open firmware eeprom in host and set xmin to -15mm to move printed part 15 mm to the right. I guess cura slices for 0,0 at the edge so if that start 15 mm to far left you should make x home position -15 so 0 is at bed start.
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