Failed print question

Had a print fail today (see pics)..
Not sure if this would be a product of over-extrusion.. print heat too high.. too low?? I watched this print, it seemed to grab this overhang when it printed causing it to lift...
Thoughts anyone??


  • Here is the pic..
    This was "SUPPOSED" to be the Tarantula_MKS_Base_Offset_Mount the i found here

  • That is a 90° overhang. Such overhangs require support whcih you did not have enabled as it looks. You can only print overhangs up to an certain variing degree. For more a support is required.
  • That is actually not supposed to be a 90 deg overhang, it should be an arc, when the head hit the part, it skipped a tooth on the belt (did it twice on this part)
  • I see, the overhang comes later.

    Some materials tend to curl up when cooling for overhangs adding the risk of hanging on it. YOu could try better cooling. Once hard it will not curl up so easily.
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