Uploaden Gcode to SD card on Melzi 2.0 is not working anymore

I have updated my firmware with Marlin_1 and the U8glib for the LCD
graphics display (128x64) .


All things working fine , except my mini SD card on the Melzi 2.0 board ,
this is not working anymore.


I can not direct acces this anymore using Repetier Host , with my new firmware and
the LCD display installed.
The firmware i used before was Repetier 0.92.


The SD card reader on the new LCD display is working fine.


My question :


Is this not possible anymore or must i undefine some text in the Marlin1
software .

I will use both SD cards , if possible 

The mini SD card via Repetier Host on my Melzi 2.0 board and the Full SD card on
my LCD graphisc display as stand alone without PC connextion.


PS: I use a Heacent Prusa i3 printer
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