Firmware config for Megatronics 3.1

I have used Repetier firmware for a while with RAMPS1.4, but due to a technical problem I have to change my motherboard and decided to use a Megatronics 3.1 (I would like to drive more stepper motors and temperature sensors).
BUT for a few days, I did not succeed to configure correctly the firmware for the board. I can find Megatronics 3.0 in "General / Motherboard", but not 3.1 . And I understand some pins are differents.
What is the best way to get a configuration file that fits the pins layout of Megatronics 3.1 ?
Thanks for your help.


  • If only a few pins differ you could modify pins.h - there each motherboard has a section with pin definitions. If you tell us then what pins have changed how we cam make it a new motherboard type. From the small version I would guess the pins stayed the same, but that may in deed not the case.
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