Trying to use 8 extruders with one driver


I am currently trying to make a printer (arduino 2560 based) with 8 extruders, so i made my own (dirty prototype) board.

I have to use only one driver to command 8 extruders (but i have physically 8 motors, the trick is to use 1 wire on A coil and 1 on B coil which are distributed on the selected motor by a relay board, yep it's a selector)

So, well, How do I configure this in repetier firmware? I mean, I have a whole bunch of errors, i guess it can't support this as simply as i expected.

I just need when i call T2 for example : driving E2 on the same pins as E0 and swithing the right relay (which could be done with select/deselect tool commands)

How could I do this?


  • On select you modify active coil and use same motor pins for all extruders. Guess that should work.

    Problem is more that the maximum number of supported extruders is 6 not 8. If you define more you have to add more copies of the extruder handlin parts everywhere and also reorganize eeprom to have enough place to store extruder data. Doable but not present.
  • Ok, thanks.

    I guess I will do this later then, i am not really good at C programming, so i will debug printing issues with 6 extruders at first.
  • Make all relays. Solder the wires from the extruder 8 in a bundle, and computerwide after sealing each. The same with the thermistor. And use the M42 P(pin) S255 M42 or P(pin) S0. Like that's it))
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